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Transpersonal Psychotherapy



Transpersonal psychotherapy is a holistic way of conceptualizing psychological work.  It not only includes the mind, but also the body and the spirit. "Trans-personal" means "beyond the personal" or the ego.  It offers a wider vision into the territory beyond our usual conscious realms. 


Each of us has a deep source from which we draw renewal and from which we "know" things.  A "place" in our psyche we can "go to" when we remember.  We can visit this place in meditation practice or we can suddenly access it in a time of great need.  It is always there, beyond the surface of our usual consciousness.  Many Indigenous peoples honor this source and know it intimately as a wellspring of wisdom.  Spiritual traditions as well, often incorporate some concept of this deeper knowing. 


Transpersonal psychotherapy recognizes this source as an integral part of psychological healing.  It affirms our mind-body-spirit wholeness and leads us toward our Essential Self. 


In the many years that I have incorporated EMDR in my work with clients, I have found that this deep source can be accessed through our own innate healing mechanism using the basic EMDR protocol. 





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